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What is WeWin?

WeWin is a Disruptive Innovation of a Community whose members build together, prosper together, and win together. 

—- WeWin Tokens 

WeWin is an innovative blockchain project built on an underlying consensus validation mechanism,  jointly developed by world-class U.S. blockchain experts and seasoned high-tech teams from Silicon Valley.  WeWin’s project combines a network marketing model to convert each and every promoter into a “verifier” node in the blockchain, truly forming an ecosystem of “promotion, owning, holding, and empowering entities”, realizing a completely decentralized and highly stable blockchain system. Based on this architecture, the original intention of WeWin can be realized “to build a win-win situation and prosper together.”

WeWin Token, listed on the decentralized exchange UniSwap, has a max supply of 100 billion,  and is exchangeable with Ether at any time based on current market prices.

WeWin Community is a digital organization blockchain system built with N Verifiers (each registered with a $100 Verifier certification fee) and public token holders. The reward mechanism for Verifiers is the driving force behind the rapid development of Wewin. This is a unique Token with unparalleled advantages.

2.5% of the Verifier certification fee will be used to repurchase the WeWin tokens before being listed on the centralized exchange and will be permanently burned as a deflationary mechanism.  As the total amount of tokens stays deflationary, the WeWin Token continues to increase in value, and its holders can realize gains in value as passive income.

Before the total number of verifiers reaches 100,000, each Verifier automatically receives a daily reward of 100 WeWin Tokens,  which will then be deposited into the Verifier’s encrypted digital wallet at the end of each month. When the total number of Verifier reaches 100,000,  the WeWin MainNet will be launched, and each year **500 million WeWin tokens will be issued to those holding more than 10,000 coins as miners’ fee rewards.  WeWin platform allows you to Tachieve an income multiplier effect passively.  

Join WeWin — Build Together, Prosper Together, Win Together ! 

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