Our mission is to create value for society, enterprises, and individuals by using blockchain and metaverse technologies in web3 era.  

To Members of the Wewin

Wewin SoulBound Token is a specialized NFT designed to assign an unique identifer to each Wewin member.
In order to protect your identity and assets, Please click the image to obtain your WeWin SBT, which will be used to verify your identity as a safeguard mechanism for all WWC token withdrawal requests.

Act now and secure your WeWin Identity and Assets immediately !


WeWinMeta APP

1,000,000,000 WWC Giveaway! 

The Metaverse is built by WeWin Global Members and Branding Partners 

Free to join as visitors and pay $100 to become WeWin Verifier with a virtual real estate NFT. You can create a new or import existing wallet with recovery phrases and then access crypto tokens and NFTs from Ethereum main network and Polygon network.

Android APK Installation

If you don’t have Google Play on Android device, we recommend using the APK link provided above to access the app

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