WeWin token is the community owned Polygon-based ERC20 token with 100 billions as max supply . Anyone can participate in buying before all supplies are sold out and then trade in decentralized crypto exchange QuickSwap. WeWin token will be used in WeWin PoS blockchain and also for WeWin worldwide MLM member to redeem its reward points and trade.

Missed Dogecoin? Missed Shiba Inu Coins? Don’t miss out again and come to get WeWin tokens now!  

For bulk WWC Token purchase by amounts 1-10 ETH:

  1.  Transfer ETH amount from your crypto wallet address to WeWin wallet address 0xd861d91ad9F772028b6Abf9bB244d5dD3d054853
  2.  Token amount  based on $0.0001 per WWC token will be transferred to your wallet address.

Wewin uses a verifier recommendation mechanism. To apply to become a Wewin verifier requires an existing verifier as an introducer, agrees to Wewin’s community service and privacy terms, and pays $100 as an audit fee.

If you are an influencer, help spread the word by promoting WeWin on Twitter, Facebook or any social platforms of your choice. Will bring you a generous income.

If you are a marketer, you can earn WeWin Tokens as reward by becoming a verifier on https://wewin.pw