WewinMeta spacial edition

Redeemable for one bottle of Maotai 2018 500 ML

WeWinMeta Prime City

There are 10,000 co-founder NFTs are available worldwide. As the NFT holder, after six months you can exchange the NFT to a GIA certificated 1 carat lab grown diamond of colorless D and VVS1 clarity grade and it is valuable forever. Also, NFTs exchanged to diamond will be burned permanently so co-founder number will be decreased and the NFT value will go up too. Join now!  You can choose co-founder if you are WeWin verifier member already or chose co-founder + verifier. WeWin verifier members are premium WeWin Network members.

There are 500,000 VIP NFTs are available worldwide. Each VIP NFT will have an unique apartment unit number in floor 11 to 110 of the prime city twin tower buildings. The VIP NFT will be the certified pass to join all events on the prime verifier. WeWin verifier members could get the VIP NFT for free after reach 7 followers in WeWinMeta app.

Prime City Co-Founder



Prime City VIP