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Frequently Asked Questions

The days of “going to the office” are now a thing of the past. The COVID-19 pandemic has further promoted the lifestyle of working from home and anywhere. As society becomes accustomed to the digital economy, digital organizations in the post-epidemic era have become a new form of business entity, using advanced technologies such as blockchain and decentralized apps to enable people to work, contribute, and make money for digital organizations anytime, anywhere.

Developed by well-known American computer experts and Indian software high-tech teams, and operated by a well-known international market team, Wewin is a decentralized digital economy community that combines blockchain technology, recommendation review mechanism, and digital tokens. . The purpose of Wewin is to build a win-win situation and achieve a common prosperity. The power of Wewin is a real interpersonal network composed of a global team of auditors. The value of Wewin is to gather global talents who are interested in marketing, realize the effective combination of blockchain technology, digital economy, and entity empowerment, and truly achieve our win-win situation.

Each auditor’s Wewin token holdings determines their governance rights in the associated nodes of the Wewin blockchain. When the auditor reaches 100,000 users, the main chain of the Wewin blockchain will be launched. The more dividends you get, the more you will become the co-governance miner of the Wewin blockchain.

Wewin token is an encrypted token that can be traded on a decentralized exchange, with a total amount of 100 billion.

A grain of sand forms a desert, and a drop of sea water forms an ocean. verifiers gather together into a win-win career!

Wewin uses an verifiers recommendation mechanism. To apply to become a Wewin verifiers requires an existing verifier as an introducer, agrees to Wewin’s community service and privacy terms, and pays $100 as an audit fee.

After passing the review by the introducer, the new verifiers can log in to the Wewin verifiers Work Platform, become an introducer to develop a subordinate team, and receive generous rewards through Wewin’s recommendation and reward mechanism. Wewin’s advanced recommendation and reward mechanism brings maximum benefits to the verifier’s community contributions.

In addition to the referral reward of the conventional direct selling systems (15% for direct referral), there is also the Team Growth reward (2:1 or 1:2 left-right pairing), the Level reward (based on the weekly totals of the pairing rewards, the Level reward is eligible for up to three levels of the referral hierarchy).  Also added to reward early adoption is the Red Envelope bonus policy, which distributes 100 WeWin tokens to each Verifier per day, until the WeWin Mainnet  is launched (or 100,000 auditors reached),  and the operations team will receive 100,000 WeWin tokens for converting 5 direct referrals,  until the WeWin coins are On the Central Exchange (500,000 verifiers), at which point the WeWin tokens in the red envelope will be issued and redeemed at one time when they land on the centralized exchange in 9-12 months.

WeWin project is fully compliant.   Due to that there is no need to purchase WeWin tokens, the Verifiers receive WeWin tokens based on their contributions according to the reward mechanism of the WeWin platform after paying $100 registration fee.

The main chain of the Wewin Blockchain is launched when the number of verifiers reaches 100,000, and the verifiers who hold 10,000 Wewin tokens automatically become the equity miners of the Wewin Blockchain. The Wewin Chain is based on the node composition of the share certification mechanism, and the 500 million Wewin tokens issued each year will be allocated to the verifiers who are the owners of equity miners.

As the number of verifiers on the Wewin platform grows, 2.5% of the verification fee will be used to repurchase Wewin tokens. Half of the Wewin tokens will be distributed proportionally to current Wewin token holders after the Wewin tokens are launched on the centralized exchange, and the other half will be permanently destroyed to keep the Wewin tokens deflationary, both of which aim to make a lot of money Reward the holders of Wewin tokens.

The community’s common vision: increase in currency holdings + miners’ income + promotion income = we win together!

WeWin Project has just started and will  definitely appreciate all gestures of support !   

1. If you are an influencer,  help spread the word by promoting WeWin Tokens on Twitter, Facebook or any social platforms of your choice. 

2. If you are a Marketer,  you can earn WeWin tokens as reward by becoming a verifier on https://wewin.pw.   

* PrePay By Fiat Currency (USD) 

You can register up to 10 new Verifier accounts on your team’s behalf by following steps below:

  • navigate to https://www.wewin.net/paypal and enter your WeWin userID and brief description of your team
  • Make payment of $1000 via PayPal to WeWin Merchant Account 
  • WeWin Platform transfer $1000 in credit to the userID specified.   
  • Login to your WeWin account -> from Left Menu Panel -> EWallet -> confirm you have $1000 credited to your balance. Navigate to SignUp -> Register -> you will have enough credit to sign up up 10 accounts. At the last step of registration process, please select “Pay By Credit” option and the registration fee will be deducted from your credit balance

* PrePay By CryptoCurrency (ETH / USDC / USDT ) 

You can register up to 10 new Verifier accounts on your team’s behalf by following steps below:

  • Double-check and make sure your crypto wallet address is updated to your WeWin Profile Page. 
  • Transfer up to 1ETH to from your crypto wallet address to the WeWin Receiving Wallet Address:


  • Wait for confirmation of payment.  The equivalent amount of USD  will be transferred to your WeWin credit wallet within 24 hours.  

You can indeed pay for your membership fee with the following link:


Please follow steps below 

1.  Make payment at link above and capture screenshot of payment confirmation. 

2.  visit https://www.wewin.pw/backoffice/register/user_register and complete signup process

3.  At last step of payment, Select “Bank Transfer” and upload payment receipt screenshot captured at step1 and click “Finish”. 

4.  Wait for approval and your account should be activated within 24 hours.